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After the first Spidey/Avengers team-up, Spider-man geeked out over Thor’s hammer and asked to hold it. Thor humored him, but when Spider-man was able to lift it, the whole team couldn’t react out of shock. Tony decided to go against his respect-the-secret-identity policy to understand why, but so far hasn’t found out anything.








His and Her Royal Highness

Queen Constantina and King Maximillion!!!!

Why haven’t I seen this movie ?

HOW haven’t you seen this movie???!?

WHAT is this movie?!?!

this is the 97 version of cinderella starring BRANDY in the title role and it is AMAZING and you can watch the entire thing on youtube HERE

The prince looks a lot like Oris Chau!!!

Let’s talk about how he had his dad’s taste in women. I freaking loved this movie and I’m not a person who likes fairy tales.

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